Law Offices of Amy G. Bellhorn, PLLC, A Vision Realized…

At 15, I was involved in a serious accident wherein I shattered six bones in my left ankle and lower leg. I initially was told I would not be able to walk again. I endured reconstructive ankle surgeries, and it took me 2 years to learn how to walk again with severe pain. However, during that time I felt a transition and a strength growing within me. I now know and understand exactly what it feels like to be treated by others differently and not have my voice heard, because of an injury. It was at this point that I decided to become an attorney as a voice for the injured and the disabled.

While realizing this and afterwards, I have had that decision reinforced after being involved in major auto accidents and sustaining injuries. During the recovery process, I felt a passion and desire to help others as an attorney and treat them with respect, dignity and sincerity. After graduating from law school and working at several law firms, I founded my own law firm in 2006 based on these qualities.

At the Law Offices of Amy G. Bellhorn, PLLC, we have the privilege and honor to represent client’s in the Tampa Bay Area and surrounding areas on a variety of areas of law such as the following: Social Security Disability (SSD), SSI, Child’s SSI, Auto Accidents, Real Estate, Traffic Tickets & DUI, Criminal Defense, Immigration, Wills & Trusts, Family Law, and Real Estate.

We primarily represent the injured and the disabled on SSD, SSI and Child’s SSI cases, we represent people in the Tampa Bay Area and surrounding areas as well as nationally, if at the hearing level it is approved to be held via video. We also represent people at all stages of their case (i.e., Initial Application, Reconsideration, Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, Appeals Council and Federal Court up to the U.S. Supreme Court) and make our decision of representation after an evaluation of the case. Furthermore, we don’t get paid an attorney fee, unless we win, except on Cessation cases. We also provide a FREE consultation to everyone that contacts us. We happily provide an intake and an evaluation of your case during the FREE consultation. We are dedicated to making this process go as smoothly as possible for you and explaining it to you along the way; we want you to feel informed and comfortable with the process because it can be a time when you may feel fearful of the unknown, may feel devastated due to the financial situation after not being able to work for an extended period of time due to your health issues, and an overwhelming feeling of navigating the process while being in pain and having difficulty concentrating to grasp the information. We are experienced and committed to representing each client throughout the process, and an attorney, not a non-attorney representative, is representing you on your case, including at the hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Besides being the voice for the injured and the disabled, we also provide dedication, experience and zealous representation on the many other areas as listed above and described throughout the website that we have the privilege to represent client’s in. Each person that contacts us receives a FREE consultation, an intake of the case and an evaluation of it.

We are passionate and have a desire to help others with their legal issues, and we treat client’s with respect, dignity and sincerity. After graduating from law school and working at several law firms, Attorney Bellhorn founded this law firm in 2006 based on these qualities.

If you’d like a FREE consultation on your case, our preferred way is for you to fill out our online form 24/7, and we will get back with you as soon as possible. However, you may also call our office at (727) 822-7121 or email us at