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Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are buying or selling a piece of commercial or residential property, having your commercial or residential property being taken by the government under eminent domain or having an issue as a landlord/tenant, you may have many unanswered questions during this stressful time, and you may want to discuss and get legal advice.

We provide legal advice, review contracts, negotiate real estate deals, and represent clients in the following types of real estate and real property issues:

Eminent Domain of Commercial and/or Residential Properties:

When a governmental entity is taking your commercial or residential property, you are entitled to the “fair market value,” yet there are many factors that determine what is determined as the fair market value. Also for commercial property owners, they may be entitled to business damages if it is a partial taking.

Buying or Selling a Residential or Commercial Property:

Including the negotiations or review of the contracts, based on the needs of each client

Landlord/Tenant Issues:

Including representing either party in a case or reviewing or drafting the lease


Platting, putting in infrastructure, working with engineers as bids and later plans are drawn then completed.

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